Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How We Hope They Find Good Friends!

How many times have you wished and hoped that your kids are in good company while they are out of your sight? I was simply ecstatic when I was laying poolside recently and heard the squeels and laughter of my boys on the waterslide. Then as I glanced over I noticed that the reason for their audible joy was because they were with the man we know as "Liquid Chaos". I jumped to my feet, dashed up four flights of stairs to get the car keys and out to the parking lot where I found my camera. I knew I had to hurry for this would surely be footage to cherish. I raced around the property and reached the slides exit just in time to snap this.

This Pic looks innocent enough but what you can't tell about this photo is this new enemy of the Seaman family reunion was trying to win the "MOST CAUTIOUS SLIDER" award. All he wanted to do was enjoy a leisurely sliding experience. A little one on one time with his young son.

What you can also not tell is that this cautious slider has a open wound the size of a small bowling ball on his BACK. Seriously it looked like he just left the operating table where he had his spine removed.

Unfortunately the photo does not depict everything that is actually taking place. The most disturbing fact is that our young son Jett was strategically placed somewhere between Ethan and Mr. Spineless' bacteria infested gash. So it was Jett that made first contact at near sonic speed and caused "Spineless" to yell out someones very special name in vain. And in my mind it was Jett who was quite disrespectfully yelled at "What the hell is wrong with you" when the carnage ended. It is exactly for this reason....... That our young sons can no longer play with "Liquid Chaos". Unless he promises to cause more unrest next time. I live for moments like these!!!!


Fuentes Family said...

Sounds like fun! We sure missed the boat didn't we? And apparently I missed the conversation about Jerry's open wound. What the? I like your new background, btw.

The Leak said...

Hahaha that is a hilarious photo. I didn't even get the full story till a lot later. Liquid Chaos is about the coolest guy ever to spring break it with right?

The Baum Squad said...

Oh I am pissed I missed it. Next year lets meet at a water slide on spring break, uh?