Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How We Hope They Find Good Friends!

How many times have you wished and hoped that your kids are in good company while they are out of your sight? I was simply ecstatic when I was laying poolside recently and heard the squeels and laughter of my boys on the waterslide. Then as I glanced over I noticed that the reason for their audible joy was because they were with the man we know as "Liquid Chaos". I jumped to my feet, dashed up four flights of stairs to get the car keys and out to the parking lot where I found my camera. I knew I had to hurry for this would surely be footage to cherish. I raced around the property and reached the slides exit just in time to snap this.

This Pic looks innocent enough but what you can't tell about this photo is this new enemy of the Seaman family reunion was trying to win the "MOST CAUTIOUS SLIDER" award. All he wanted to do was enjoy a leisurely sliding experience. A little one on one time with his young son.

What you can also not tell is that this cautious slider has a open wound the size of a small bowling ball on his BACK. Seriously it looked like he just left the operating table where he had his spine removed.

Unfortunately the photo does not depict everything that is actually taking place. The most disturbing fact is that our young son Jett was strategically placed somewhere between Ethan and Mr. Spineless' bacteria infested gash. So it was Jett that made first contact at near sonic speed and caused "Spineless" to yell out someones very special name in vain. And in my mind it was Jett who was quite disrespectfully yelled at "What the hell is wrong with you" when the carnage ended. It is exactly for this reason....... That our young sons can no longer play with "Liquid Chaos". Unless he promises to cause more unrest next time. I live for moments like these!!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sometimes when life gets COLD

Isn't it nice to know that you have someone to put an arm around you ?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fear The Beard

Thanks to Brett Keisel and the folks at Pittsburgh for aquiring yet

another die hard Steelers fan!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jett taking Flight

Our boy turned THREE today!

After bedtime I went to give him one Last Birthday smooch and I found this!

Thankfully I did not have to wait up all night wondering where he might be.
I simply went next door.

Here is to hoping that they might never stray too far!
It sure is fun to have them close by.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Year Older And Wiser Too!

A wise man once said never, ever let your blog go 12 months
without an update.

The mighty Show Low Green Machine squad was coached by Jerry Walker and was most likely the worst team that has ever been established. The highlight of the year was when the coach politely informed the referee that he was a disgrace to the human race. The coach was not only thrown out of the game but was also invited to leave the stadium forthwith. The season ended with a 1 - 6 record.

Jett watched as Ethan went off to 3rd grade and Kortney began 7th grade.
Kortney was named Student of the Year.
Ethan was the #1 reader in the 3rd grade.
Jett was pottie trained and that was cause to celebrate.

Halloween provided a blast from the past.
Doesn't Kortney look like Mauriah back in '94 ?

Christmastime brought snow, family and memories.

Ethan turned 9 and took the whole family skiing.
Great way to spend New Years Eve!

Kortney turned 13. She made the Honor Band again
and continues on her promise never to come inside the petting zoo fence.

We will destroy on the court (undefeated 3 years straight) and be destroyed on the pinewood course (winless in 2 years) and the Rangers will always be tough to beat. (11 wins 1 loss)

We have been blogless for many months but we have enjoyed every minute of it.
We wish that time would slow down so we could enjoy our little ones while they are still little.
We are grateful for who we are and what we know. We are thankful to be a family
and look forward to many more minutes to enjoy!

Friday, July 31, 2009


On Sunday we celebrated the birth of a good ole boy!

We bashed a football pinata.

We took turns being lifeguard at the Walkers
outdoor pool!
(no diving in the shallow end please)

We had water balloon volleyball
championships of the world.

We practiced a few lay - ups
and hung from the 9 foot rim.

We watched about 4 minutes of dirty dancing
tryouts right in the kitchen.

We witnessed Caitlin Hatch pummell
all attendees under age 10 en route
to pinata treats.

THEY ate like famished hogs.
(the SEAMAN sisterhood)

We cleaned up everything!!

And after it was all over......

We wondered if we could do
it again next year.

Happy birthday to a boy named JETT!
This kid knows how
to throw an end of

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sierra Pines Emergency

It has recently come to our attention that the Flagstaff Fire and Rescue is not the only institute that has been mobilized to assist the Walker Family in recent days.  Apparently the Upstairs Metro Fire and Rescue was called for a Code 4niner-niner aka TURTLE IN DISTRESS.  Details are as follows.   

SUNDAY MAY 25th - 911 call to Upstairs Metro -  
Dispatch:  What is your emergency?
Russell:    I have fallen and cant get up!
Dispatch:  Metro units on the way.
Metro unit commander arrives on the scene @ approx. 1721 hrs.  and finds one Russell "Cecil" Walker unresponsive and with a condition called "bloatamus maximus".  This is a serious condition which happens when someone who usually eats small portions of food is introduced to a whole can of food and simply must try to eat all of it in one setting.

After a 3  day recovery period, Russell met with authorities at the Upstairs Metro Police.

At this time enhanced composite sketches were drawn.  It appears that 4 suspects who were in the area are currently being sought. The Police Chief states that the guilty party should be considered DANGEROUS.  Suspect will probably not look you directly in the eye and may enjoy listening to rap classics such as Gangstas Paradise.  

Cashman "Guilty" Hatch

Sunshine Dottie "Flower" Fuentes

Teag "Brick Guns" Fuentes

Noah "Nips" Baum
(no actual sighting of "nips" at the scene but a male with the nickname "nips" is definitely suspicious)

All Future holiday parties @ The Walker home are officially postponed until the day after never.
Do you not know that this midget turtle has had diarrhea since Easters. (or was it memorial day)